• no my mums only little i was taller than her at age 11
  • Apparently it is. Something like the average height of your parents plus two inches if you're a boy, take two inches if you're a girl. That formula could be wrong but it's something like that. I've read it somewhere but never checked to see if it works.
  • Yes. But also people who drink lots of milk are tall. Why is this?
  • Yes, almost completely. Even if the current living conditions don't allow for complete growth, the height potential is passed to next generation. Peetee stated it simply and without referring to a bunch of textbooks, I'll say he's basically right. I know it works that way in canines. Maybe it's a Mass calculation gene and the females simply distribute their mass differently.
  • The saying usually goes short parents short children.I came from an average family and ended up short.It can go back to grandparants has well. The milk thing is a con i have always drunk milk it has never worked for me.It makes bones stronger not longer.Also too much milk is no good for you.Exercising in later life may help you to not shrink has much i suppose.

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