• I haven't lost a loved one. And God please don't let that happen to me. Just take me first instead of them.
  • Never - they were all cremated.
  • Yes all the time. It is just something my family does. We keep lighted candles on family graves all the time. My Husband ,Father and Sons new headstones are going on as a family plot before Christmas and I am having Solar lamps that will save a lot of concern.
  • Very rarely - in fact almost never. They are in my head all the time and I visit by clearing a space in my skull and sitting quietly with them from time to time.
  • He's with me all the time because his ashes are on top the TV and in a charm around my neck. He does have a grave site where we put some of his ashes, but there's no real grave there yet because his stones not ready.
  • Some more often than others. Besides regular "Decoration Day", I visit most at least once every two months. In Spring and Summer, there are a few I visit more often because they are in rural cemeteries, where the families must keep the graves neat and the grass cut.
  • Once a year on Mother's Day me and my mother and sister visit my grandmother's grave and we leave flowers.
  • As much as possible at least every other day. And I always bring fresh flowers to lay on my boyfreinds grave. It's were I go to sit under the tree, and talk to him or myself which ever way you want to look at it. It's always very peaceful there and it helps me to feel somewhat close to him again.
  • Once a year. My mother's ashes were scattered at sea and my father's remains are overseas.
  • They wouldn't want me to dwell on the past, and to look forever forward. And they're in the U.K. Doesn't help much.
  • I Visit my Mother's Grave twice a year.
  • I do not make it a habit to visit the graves of loved ones but I do find cemeteries to be very historical and beautiful places. It seems to me that some people think that their dead loved ones live in the graveyard or something. Personally, I think cremation is the way to go as it is more economical and then you don't have the upkeep of the gravesite. I put up on line memorials at to keep the memory of the person alive because to me, they are just temporarily resting until God's appointed time when he resurrects them.
  • I visit my husband weekly. Usually after church. I bring a picnic box and we have a little lunch together. It is peaceful and brings back so many wonderful memories. I have started to see the man who is the minister of our church, as his wife died two years ago, and sometimes he comes along. We visit his wife too. We have told each of them that we are seeing each other, but I can tell that his wife doesn't really approve. I am not surprised, as when she was alive she always avoided serving on committees with me.
  • Whenever I go to the town where my family has a plot I try to get over. there are about thirty of us going back to 1910 or so. Unfortunately there's no more spaces so I am not sure what will be done with me.
  • A few times a year 'll just suddenly be struck with the urge to go drop flowers on the graves of my loved ones. I go to my grandmother's grave every year at midnight on my birthday because she was expected to die on my ninth birthday and she somehow struggled through to the next day, then let go, and I really do believe that was the last birthday present she ever gave me. :)
  • I go to cemeteries at large frequently. I no longer live in the area where my family is buried, but whenever I pass through or go back to visit, I stop.
  • I visit often, it is mostly a very peaceful, sobering reality check knowing my daughter is missing from my life here. When you've lost someone close, you have all these very personal decisions that come from out of nowhere and flood your life, you don't invite them, you never wanted to think about them. What I do know is there is no wrong answers as to the decisions you must make in something as simple as visiting the grave the decisions are yours and yours alone.
  • Hardly ever. My dad isn't there, my grandpas aren't there. They are with me, the memory of them is with me, not at a grave site.
  • I just lost my Dad on October 16th, 2007 so I have'nt went to see his grave yet, although I do miss him alot already. I will go real soon, but I believe in my heart that he is not there; he is in heaven with Jesus. I always remember all the good times we had, and all the good deeds he did. I occassionally look at our family pictures with him in it. I truly believe his spirit is alive and well!!
  • Not often. But I visit them in my memories all the time, they are still alive in there. Their physical remains mean less to me than the thoughts, memories and influences that they gave me that will last until I shuffle off this mortal coil :)
  • Oddly enough, I visit stranger's graves in remote spooky cemeteries often, but visit my own relatives sometimes years apart from each visit.
  • They are out of state, but I stop whenever I am in the area to visit...which, depending on where they are, can range from months to years..
  • Never, I do not need to visit a rock with their name on it to think about them. I rather pick up a photo album and remember them as they were alive not buried into the earth with a rock sporting their name.
  • Never. I don't need to visit their burial site, I can talk to them any time I want (and often do).

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