• I took it really hard, but my comfort was: being happy she was not in pain anymore and happy she was finally away from him. When I first saw her dead I almost fainted but he grabbed my arm and pulled me up with a jerk and said to show some respect for my Mother. I had trouble holding up my head and I turned around and watched him leave the room and close the door which made a big heavy door closing sound. I was woozy and barely able to walk. it was horrible. Then he watched through the little glass window in the door. It was a big cold room. they were re-decorating so she was in some different kind of place. The floor was cement it smelled like flowers, a thick heavy disgusting smell. I could barely walk and wobbled over to her which was half way across a big room. The room seemed dark except for a light shinning on her in a casket on a platform. There was nothing else in the room. I just stood there waiting for her to breathe. It made me loose my breath. I was in there a long time. then he came in and got me and that was that.
  • Yup, was too young to know and simply laughed!
  • I lost my mother almost 11 years ago. She had a long life 96+ years. I loved my mother and yes, I missed her but life must go on, Don't dwell on the loss but on the fact she gave you life and your life should mean more life through children. Yes, I miss my mother just as I miss my father but time will remember only the good times as time goes on,
  • you ask god to help you cope, ive lost both parents myself
  • My mother has fallen asleep in death as well. I’m sorry for your loss, it is something that we don’t ever get over. We have to learn to “move forward” despite the pain. I find comfort in the Scriptures where it is written that there will be a resurrection (Acts 24:15). I am resolved to do everything possible to be reunited with my mother when her life is restored.
  • I never knew my mother she threw me away at birth. Cherish the time you had with yours, Have good memories and move on with your life have much life ahead of you.
  • I coped by realizing she was in pain and needed rest. her spirit never left.
  • I'm sorry for your loss. You never get over it. There is just a different normal, and you go on. My mom passed away a long time ago. But we will be together again. We weren't really all that close. She was mentally damaged and I had 6 older sisters. It will be interesting getting to know what she's like after she's healed in the resurrection.
  • ive lost both yrs ago, didnt have much choice but to cope with it
  • Easily, you have to accept that we all will die at sometime, because it is part of the nature of things. However the hard part is that this doesn't stop me 15 years on, still missing my mother. Stupid isn't it, but unfortunately that's the way being human works!!

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