• It just means she needs to grow up!
  • It doesn't sound like a good sign that's for sure.
  • Some girls just get shy about their image im 23 and have been with my partner for 4 years and we have 2 pictures of us and their professionally done dont take it to heart. she may just need more confidence.
  • No, it probably means she's feeling unattractive that day. Even if you don't see it, she "sees" that she's gained 3 lbs, has her hair out of place and is feeling bloated. If you feel that bad about your looks, why would you want to take a picture of it?
  • probraly not, she may not sure in getting one step closer with you. Is also means she is alitt bit like you but she needs more time to make sure if you are her right man or not. Do not keep in touch with her for awhile then recontact with her. Latter on, ask her to hang out sometime. If she agree, and interested in hang out with you, Congratulation ! But if she doesn't you should feel comfortable, relax, because there are still alot of good girl for you. Remember, God already created a girl who you can spend all the rest of your life with. Good luck !
  • You never know until you find out. lol
  • Chances are she is going to dump you.
  • not necessarily, she just might not like having her picture taken

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