• to be real wit you if you or her are 15+ years and she's saying this then she does not like you. i've seen this excuse too many times.however, if your young then she's prolly telling the truth.
  • if you really like her then remain her close friend. see if she is allowed to go out with a bunch of people rather than just you and her alone. most dads will go for that. if you like her as much as you say you do then you'll remain her friend and get to know her when shes allowed to date if she doesnt ask you first then ask her out.
  • lol i wouldent really know what to do because i havent had the chance to find out but tell her that you can be friends untill time comes when you can date as they said
  • Well if you really like her you'll be patient about her situation...don't approach her like a boyfriend...approach her like a friend...try to get to know her family...maybe even her Dad...and if he sees your sincere ... He might let her go out on a date
  • Just be her friend and wait it out. I'll warn you though it could be a long time or never. But I believe the best relationships are the ones that start out as good friendships. If you meet someone else don't let the chance of "someday" dating this girl stop you from having a good time. Everything always works out in the end, just the way it's supposed to, even if it isn't the way we want it to be.
  • Wait until her father will let her date. If you sneak around with her before that it will make her father mad and he'll not let her date you ever. In the meantime, continue to gradually get to know the girl and become friends with her, hang out with her casually, and when it comes time to date (such as a big freshman dance at school) you will hopefully be the one she will choose. If you like her a lot now, you might still like her then. If you are a whole lot older then she is, then you could be dating a few girls your own age in the meantime. Hopefully that won't turn her off, it will just make you look popular and she'l feel so much better when she "gets" you.
  • Sneak around behind his back. Just be wary of the legal age of consent/adulthood, because if you're on opposite sides of that threshold, her father can ruin your life.

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