• put some poison there (or just some paint to make the rabbit colorfull if you don't realy wanna hurt them), and if something happens and they come complaining to you just ask them why didn't they care when it was eating the other stuff. all of a sudden now they care on what their rabbith has eaten? Good luck!
  • Before murdering an innocent animal, you could try complaining to the owners.
  • Why on earth would you kill an innocent animal that is simply engaging in natural behaviour? Do you think that the rabbits should be able to differentiate between your tomatoes and all the other sources of food they find? Do you expect them to ask before eating your plants, or to leave you a $10 bill to replace what they have taken? They're ANIMALS. It isn't their fault that their owners are irresponsible and careless. It isn't their fault they have fleas. Your top priority should be getting in touch with your neighbours and demanding that they start taking better care of their animals for everyone's sake. Yes, threaten to call the pound, or even the RSPCA who may fine them for not having the proper enclosures set up. Exhaust all avenues you can with the humans who are at fault in this situation. But please, don't take your anger out on the defenseless animals who don't even know they're doing anything wrong.
  • Bleeding hearts aside, this is not a cute and fuzzy problem. Rabbits are cute but they are rodents, dig holes, can carry disease, and become extreme pests, breeding and multiplying "like rabbits". Call animal control. If they don't do anything, have rabbit for dinner!Rabbit is good to eat and hard to find in markets.
  • I would like to say that I am not the one who wants to kill them, neither is my boyfriend. You only get so much room to ask a question, I should have worded it better. My neighbours are for killing the rabbits. We have asked the owners to take care of the problem but they are slack jaw jerks who get angry with us for asking. It's not as if we haven't tried other routes to end the problem. I figure they have eaten about $45 of my organic tomatoes and $50 to $60 of my bedding plants. Other neighbours have the same complaints. I plant tomatoes because I enjoy eating them. I grow them mostly organic. I enjoy my colorful potted plants, I spent about $150 a year, this year they are 1/3 gone cause of those rabbits. I have been letting my cat Rudy out on a leash for 6 years and NEVER a flea! Days after we saw the rabbit in the yard we had to treat both cats for fleas, do you know what that costs? All told it cost us over $50 for the far. One neighbour wants to live trap them, one wants to shoot them and our new neighbour wants to ste his dog loose on them. And as for callinf our animal control officer, he is no help at all. So do you see my problem better?
  • Treesaw, after reading the additional info given. I would say get yourself a cat, and let nature take it's course. That way you shouldn't feel any guilt over the outcome.
  • Have you tried to talk to them about it? Have you tried an exterminator (for the fleas).
  • Not that this would completely all the problems the rabbits cause, but you could protect your vegetables by putting some chicken wire fencing around them. You could also try setting out some humane traps that don't kill the rabbits, and when you catch one you could just drive it somewhere far from your property and let it go.
  • Try getting a Hav-A-Hart trap. It will catch them live and then go take them somewhere far away from veggie gardens and also put up a small fence around your veggies. It doesn't have to be very high for rabbits to stay out. The fleas? Once you treat them with something, they are good to go for weeks. SO I would just work on trapping the rabbits and then when they are gone, redo my cats.
  • i wouldnt kill them , i would just tell your neighbor he needs to come get them
  • I agree with Scooter. Get a cat. The cat will take care of the rabbits.

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