• Wow. Are you ok? He was probably really scared. you know I was hit last year, my new car totaled, he had no license and it wasnt his car and he only got 2 tickets and the Judge had the nerve to ask me why I was filing a lawsuit.Then he told the guy he only had to pay restitutions and a $100.He could barley speak english.
  • I understand your frustration, but there is no law that says you have to speak English in America. The person had no license or insurance, and was cited for those violations. He was also found to be at fault and was ordered to recompense you for your loss. Of course, just because he does not have a license or insurance does not automatically mean he is at fault.
  • A similar accident happened to my BF last year too.....totaled his vehicle. The mexican was an illegal with no drivers liscence, no ID and no insurance. He was given minimal penalties and let go. Meanwhile, My BF had to go through all kinds of shi* to be reinbursed for his damages. After it's all said and done, his premiums go up because of the accident (and it wasn't his fault!). He is a business man makes a very good living and tolerates the illegal aliens around Dallas, TX. However this one put a very bad taste in his mouth! It's not always mexicans, so I apologize now for making it sound like we have nothing good to say about Latinos...that's not the just happened to be a Mexican....and my BF and the other were at the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess. The other guy may feel bad about what happened, who knows.....although it makes one feel totally ignored and left out in the cold when this happens. *sigh* Hope this makes sense. Perhaps I am not using the correct words, I dunno. Just my two cents on the question. ((Maybe i will just go and sit in the corner for a while.....)) LOL!
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