• I didn't even know that people did such stuff until a friend of my was accused of putting sugar in the tank of a girl who didn't like her. Why would someone do that?
  • thieves generally dont go to that sort of trouble. It could be a carb problem or the actual revs pedal . The pedal sits in a rubber mounting that fits to the chassis. If this has come off you will have the symtpms described.
  • i had sugar in my gas tank if ur car is losing power especially on hills and its sputering or shaking a lil and somethimes it wont crank then u have sugar in there
  • Sugar does not actually dissolve in gasoline. Unless you have a hole in your fuel filter, it should not get to your engine. At best it would clog the intake screen inside the tank and the fuel filter. Check you fuel filter. If that turns out not to be the problem, your trouble lies elsewhere. If so, it would help to know the year, make, model and engine of your vehicle along with a better description of your problem. "Losing power," doesn't say enough.
  • Sugar does not dissolve in gasoline, it's only a myth. But polystyrene does ! That would be like styrofoam or clear plastic like CD jewel cases. It wouldn't make you lose power, it will carbon up and eventually short out spark plugs.

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