• Use a pin head to clear the opening if it is not too big. I used to fix mine by spraying on them directly in a car wash. Or you can just leave it as is just to aggravate a passenger :)
  • Fist you need to find out why it's not spraying. Maybe there's a blockage. In that case, remove the blockage and there you go. On the other hand, maybe there is a leak in a connector, so then reconnect it securely and there you go. If the leak is in the line, then you'd be best served, long term, to replace the line. I haven't seen a car with separate pumps on each side, but if this is the case for your car, there might be another explanation.
  • It's usually just clogged. Use a pin to open up the holes on the sprayer.
  • The sprayer hose may have become disconnected because the spray nozzle had been frozen, and the pressure from trying use the spray caused the hose to separate from the nozzle. If the sprayer nozzle is mounted on the hood of the car, check for a hose that runs along the inside of the hood. The hose may be covered by the hood liner.

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