• Yes you should be honest but tell her slowly and simply. Dont go into detail and remind her you love her in spite of the way she was concieved.
  • I think what you are doing is great but I don't think I would tell her how she was conceived but on the other hand you have to do what is best for you and if you need to tell her then tell her but before you do ask yourself if your mom told you she was raped and that is how you were conceived how would you feel I think you are a very strong person and you will raise your little girl to be strong as well I hope everything goes well for you and your baby.
  • When she first starts asking she is going to be too young to understand. Tell as few details as you can get away with until she knows what rape means. Yes you will have to tell her someday. Good Luck
  • I thought you said he was killed by a victim in self defense? What is it? Is the rapist dead or in prison?
  • I wouldn't tell her that until she asks. Not "where's my daddy" but until she asks why you're only 14 years older than she is, and what happened. "Where's my daddy", "where did I come from" and such can be answered at an early age without having to explain such a violent topic to her. By the time she's old enough to need a real explanation, she'll be able to handle the truth - and then you can use it as a warning to try to help her avoid situations like that.
  • just tell her that hes dead or something. i don't think they would want to know that they were a "mistake" even though you love her and all
  • i would just tell her her dad is away
  • i would wait till shes mature enough to hear that kind of stuff

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