• Call your local animal welfare people if in any doubt. Best to let the experts deal with it tbh.
  • I'm not in favor of breeders because Purposeful Breeding CAUSES MORE Animals (who are homeless &/or in shelters) to be KILLED. There are TONS of MAGNIFICENT Animal Friends Waiting Desperately to be Saved/Adopted at Shelters.... that no Purposeful Breeding should be going on!!!! There wouldn't be such an Overwhelming amount of Homeless = Soon to be Euthanized/Killed Animals... if Everyone would understand & Act on the Importance of Spaying or Neutering their Pets!!!! Names & Contact Info of All Breeders should be collected & Reported to Animal Rights Groups, so that the Breeders can be further educated on how they are Increasing the current problem. Breeders/Buying from Breeders Causes MORE Animals to be Killed at Shelters. Just go visit a Shelter(s) & See for yourself how many Perfectly Fabulous Animals are there!!!!!
  • YOU cannot save the world...she is asking you for money for an animal that is too young to be removed from its mother and is in lousy condition. *too young would probably be under 7 weeks for the ASPCA, if I remember correctly. CALL THE ASPCA...even if you are not 100% sure there is anything they can catch her on in is still possible that there IS something...if the Bitch is also in poor shape..and the rest of the puppies are in poor shape, and/or if the conditions are bad, filth..lack of food/clean water THEY CAN do something. You can also report her to the Breed Registry for this breed...the local chapter and the AKC NATIONAL. You probably will need to have her address. If you do not have it yet, tell her you are really super interested, but you want to look at the mom and the other pups...and GET THE ADDRESS...THEN CALL THE ASPCA..try to take one of them WITH YOU. There is a reason that she showed up AT YOUR HOUSE with this pup...she did not want you to see her "kennel!" Look elsewhere for a puppy...I personally would start with the shelters..because I prefer mixed breeds for my own personal dogs...If you are looking for a specific Breed or Breed still might find one at a pound or shelter...lots of purebred dogs are put to sleep too if they aren't adopted. Another resource for Purebred dogs are specific Breed Rescue groups...almost all breeds have them, and not all of the dogs have vast numbers of "Issues." Some, the owner has passed away or had to be relocated to a "home," due to age or health concerns. Many of these dogs are fairly well trained, well-behaved, (already house trained) and simply need a good, loving forever home.
  • Well this is obviously not a reputable breeder... If the puppy is UKC, AKC, or any other registered, then I like the advise that Redhawk gave as far as calling up the registry with name and address and taking the correct officials out there to investigate. Stuff like this just makes me sick.. I can't understand how someone could not only try to sell a pup to young but one that doesn't seem healthy! She should be taking it to a vet, and I am sure that treatment for the poor thing would last until it was old enough to go to a new home. Anyway... I do not suggest you take the pup, it will most likely have mental issues that you will have to work out because of being taken away too young. If you still want a pup I suggest finding another breeder, the more questions they ask you the better. A good breeder will ask about your living situation, and what kind of plans you have for your future (to see if the dog will fit in), and many other things... They will want to know you before they allow you to buy a pup. Most good breeders will also demand that should anything ever happen were you cannot care for or keep the dog that it be returned to them or that they at the least be notified and authorize the dog to go to a new home (which they will interview those people too). If you want a mixed breed then the shelter is fine, but unless someone broke a contract.. you won't find any pure breed dogs from good breeders in the shelter... maybe listed in a breed specific rescue list.

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