• Poor doggy. Dogs gestate for 63 days, if she has started to produce milk, I would say very soon within the next week or so. You will notice she will start nesting, looking for a safe place to whelp, provide her with somewhere warm and safe out of draughts. Good luck.
  • If you haven't yet had her Vet so now. It is possible that your Vet can give at least an educated guess as to when her due date is based upon what he/she can feel of the pups, and how her vulva appears, plus her milk production. The vet will also see if there are any viable reasons to expect any problems with the delivery and advise you on how to best handle a normal delivery and what to do if a problem should arise! Usually things go ok, but depending upon the type of nutrition she has been receiving, her age, the size of the dog she was bred to, and the resulting size of the can also have a few problems... Some problems you CAN help with during the birthing process, such as very gently pulling on a pup that is STUCK...WHILE the bitch is straining to push it out, helping to remove the sack, if she doesn't and also helping the pup to clear the lungs and breath by holding and supporting the pups body in your hands with it's head held downward and gently swaying your hands and the puppy back and forth...this helps to expel liquids...gentle massage to the chest stimulates the heart beat if it's slow to happen..and further massage to the body stimulates heart and circulation over all. I suggest you speak to a Vet for more support so that you can feel as confident as possible, as I said, usually everything goes pretty well, but you'll feel better I think going over things face to face. Best of luck to you and your new dog too...Shame on the prior owners for not at least offering information at this stage of the's not as if you've dumped her back on their front porch...they obviously are total azzholes!
  • thanks for your help .I am taking our maltese to the vet tonight .I do know what she was bred with it was a yorkie terrior.They have bred her 4 times before with her.Im just glad that they have giver her to us and they dont know where we live.When we got her she has 2 ear infections and its been nearly 6 weeks and we are still treating her.Looks like we will have to get her put asleep to have them flushed.Thats not going to happen now till her babies are here .The old owners told me that they were moving back to Japan so they couldnt take her either way I think she is better off with us.I will try and get some money from the pups so we can then desex her .I think she has had enough babies.Some people should never own dogs.I will update after our vet visit thanks again
  • yep she is pregnant ,vet says due in around 10 days .Oh and her ears are nearly perfect again thanks

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