• Sounds to me like you should call a pest control company.They have the right chemicals to kill the roaches and there eggs without harming any of your electronics.
  • I had this problem once after moving into an apartment that was infested with them. I found that the easiest way to remove them was to place each electronic device in a plastic trash bad, leaving them open. Then, get a friend, wear masks and gloves, pop off a bug fogger, go bag-to-bag, flooding it with the gas, and let your friend tie each bag closed after it's filled. Let the bag sit, airtight, for 24 hours, then repeat the process. After three times, open the bags and take out the electronics, open up their cases and dump out all the dead insects, then use either a can of compressed air or a compressor, and blow out all the other remains they leave behind. Close up the cases and leave them in a dry environment for a day or two (an empty room with a dehumidifier is optimal). After that, plug them in and go! It's time consuming, but provided you get rid of all the other roaches you have, your electronics should remain bug-free from here on out.
  • Is that true? We don't really have any problem at all with cockroachres over here. Why do they go for electronics?

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