• Fiddy cent a bag, rounded up to the dollar. 1 or 2 bags: $1 3 or 4 bags: $2 etc.
  • The store I shop at does not offer this service. If they did, I imagine I would tip $1...
  • I would say no they are not supposed to take any money, that is most stores policy, as far as I know it is strictly enforced in the midwest, don't know about rest of US.
  • No. This is part of their job and a service the store offers. Of course even when they do offer I always decline. I have been a cashier before and the bag person can be of better service by helping the cashier than he/she can by helping me.
  • I always offer a tip -- usually $1 - $2 depending on the number of bags.
  • I used to be a bagger in my younger days:) And, I was only tipped once. Yeah I might give a dollar tip to all the hardworking baggers...I gotta look out for my people lol:)
  • only one store around here does that and you'll get canned if you take tips... i should know i worked there as a teenager
  • I live in NY, if someone tries to grab my groceries or follow me to my car I am gonna unleash a blood curdling scream or a shot from my pepper spray. Most places offer this to elderly patrons at no cost. I am far from elderly.
  • It's never happened to me. I guess I would give him at least a dollar.
  • Well i work at a grocery store in missouri and i carry-out daily usualy 4-5 bags but alot of times ill get 8 to even 20 bags and we have a cart that we use. On occasion i get tiped and i tell the customer how much i appreciate it since they dont have to (yet i really love when they do being paid minimum wage) although it is policy to carry out i think it is a nice gesture to tip the carry out ost often i recieve a dollar but have got tips ranging from 25 cent up to $10
  • This is a courtesy provided by the store. You should not feel obligated to tip. How fair would it be to someone dissabled to feel obligated to tip then turn down service because she can't afford to. At some grocers the package clercks can get fired for excepting tips. And what is so very frustrating is when the shopper argues with the bagger about whether they can or can't except it. Shooves money in their pocket, etc. If a carry out clerck says no to money do not tip.
  • I would, probably just a couple of dollars.
  • No, I do not. The checker stands on his feet in one place all day, bagged half the groceries himself because the bagger was slowly sauntering over, and put the last several bags in the cart, called the bagger back over to take the cart out, then ran after with the bag the bagger set back on the check out. If I tip anyone, it would be the checker. The baggers were hired to sack and take out my groceries. That is what I exect them to do.
  • yes...
  • +5 No. Years ago Publix established a no tipping policy and the other stores followed suit. So all the stores have signs that say no tipping. Also I never want them to come with me. Many times they insist and I think it is because I walk with a cane. But I am always nice but never tip as they could get in trouble
  • i would, a buck or 2 and i, as a worker of hy-vee for 4 years now know our tipping policy, you aren't suppose to ask for or expect a tip, but if a customer offers a tip, we are suppose to take it.
  • Yeah just last week I gave a tip to a bagger, he needs to learn to bag better. I hate when they put a 2 liter drink in with my bread!!!
  • $1 per bag
  • I usually give them a couple of dollars, and up to $5 when I have 2 grocery carts to pull.

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