• Only your dog knows for sure, but a good guess is that since dogs are nearsighted it has found out that in this position it can lap up water at the most comfortable rate. If you changed the size of the bowl, you would probably find out that it changes position.
  • Is your dog overweight or old? Otherwise it could just be a habit the dog has. Dogs also mainly drink water after a good workout/run/excercise, so it could be from just being tired.
  • I have seen this before with a dog that had been abused by someone holding their head in water. But I think there may be other reasons as well.
  • It could be that she had or has some muscle discomfort in her neck. Especially if she's ever been worked with a choke collar or even tugged too hard wearing a flat collar. This is not uncommon, especially if the dog is or was a "puller." It could be that drinking this way causes less discomfort for her. It could also be that she simply likes to drink this way. Hannah sits weird...well, weird to me at any rate. She like to sit back on her butt, more like a human than up on her haunches, like a dog. Her legs are usually thrust outward and at times more spread open, it looks very odd, but she likes to sit that way. The only time she sits like a dog is if I have a treat in my hand. She will also sit on my lap or on the bottom rung of the kitchen chairs as of she is sitting ON a chair of her own...I like to twiddle my hair before drifting off to sleep some's just a comfortable habit. If your girl is not showing any other signs of neck or shoulder discomfort...or if you change the hight of the water bowl and she still does it...I would assume there's nothing's just a comfortable habit for her.
  • My sister puts her dog bowls on a stool so her Brody will not have to drop his head to drink. Her vet told her this was better for him. I think dogs just do weird things just like us humans. My dog Chuck sometimes thinks he is a cat. He sleeps on the back of the chair in the living room and loves to be in your lap. He sits weird too, like Redhawk's Hannah. With his legs thrust out in front of him spread out.
  • maybe theres something wrong with the muscles in her head and you should get her checked out

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