• Both are responsible. most insurance companies are not covering liability for pit bulls. the dogs have a bad reputation. your question is like someone co-signing on a loan. if one does not pay, the other person will. hope this helps.
  • petwner
  • Wouldn't home owners insurance cover any injuries that has happened in the home? If not, the pet owner, and the parents can be taken to small claims court for damages (if the child is under 18).
  • Check with your homeowners to see if you are covered having a pitbull on the premises.. I doubt you are. I have been doing animal rescue for 5 years and I recieve numerous calls to pick-up pitts because someones homeowners was getting cancelled. If you dont have homeowners and that dog bites someone or even more apt to happen attack someones pet YOU will lose ur home.......
  • In MOST states, the Property Owner is responsible for whatever goes on in or happens on their property ... so the parents would be liable IF the dog bites someone on their property. Now; if the dog went into another neighbor's yard etc and Bit someone ; then the Owner of the dog would be liable.
  • The key is in the phrase "pet owner". A they own the pet and it's actions. The lease should state whether pets are allowed or not.
  • probably the pet owner
  • Potentially, both. It's the owner's animal, so she is responsible for it's actions. The property owners would also be liable for damages since they allowed the animal to be there, assuming something happens on the property. If the dog happens to bite someone off the property, the property owners would most likely NOT be held liable.

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