• If the blister has not burst then it may be necessary to make a small hole at the edge with a serialized pin or needle to drain the fluid (Do not drain a blood filled blister). It will feel much better once you drain it. A pin can be sterilized by holding it over a flame. Drain the fluid but leave as much of the skin as possible covering the wound. This is an important protective layer for the underlying skin and will help to prevent infection. Clean the blister with a sterilizing wipe. Cover the wound with a second skin or blister plaster (like new skin). If you don't have that, a band-aid will do. For additional hold apply tape over top. You'll be feeling better in no time!
  • Depends on what it is. If it's simply a fluid filled blister then a bit of drainage will ease the discomfort and give it a wipe with pure alcohol or other antiseptic before plastering over it. If it's a dry blister then leave it well alone as you'll only make it worse. Get a "corn plaster" about the same size if the blister and place over it. That way you'll not notice it when you walk.
  • go see your doctor about it

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