• I dont know with cats, dogs stay in heat their entire cycle. and can have babies from each tie.
  • Please get your freakin cat fixed!
  • She is just a kitten in her second heat and got out by accident, she is supposed to be an indoor cat. We haven't had her long enough to have gotten her fixed. We rescued her from the side of a busy road and decided to keep her instead of taking her to the animal shelter. What business is it of yours if she is fixed or not? I wonder what the exact problem is that people have when things work the way they were made to! Gee, the nerve!
  • My cat stayed in heat even after she got pregnant. She was so freakin annoying..When she was in heat, she'd jump over the litter box, just to take a crap in the floor. It was horrible. She'd get hairballs, and she'd yowl constantly.
  • I would think so. my cat was in heat and boy it was really annoying,i got her fixed the next week. It has been smooth sailing since then.
  • The simple answer is yes. Take her to be fixed as soon as you can. The reason why is that cats are induced ovulators. This means that they will only release an egg for fertilization after having sex (in this case, the early bird doesn't catch the worm!). Mating will not shorten her period of heat because she needs to be mated multiple times to achieve pregnancy. It is very likely that your cat mated and will ovulate 24 to 60 hours afterward. If you keep her inside, this will result in a pseudopregnancy where her body prepares to host fertilized eggs even though there aren't any. It will take her longer to go back into heat. Source:
  • Yes. A female cat can maye with several males and have a kitten by each of them. Besides getting pregnant you cat could be picking up FIV, FeLV (fatal) or FIP (fatal) from those cats outside. A female will come back into heat and become pregnant before the current litter is even weaned. Get your cat spayed NOW!

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