• I never used the wax after the first couple weeks I had sucks right now but you'll get used to 'em.
  • Call your orthodontist make sure the wires are sitting in your mouth right. If you don't want to do that then use more wax, take a tylenol.
  • I know what you mean, I've been there. I gave up on the wax, it seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. Honestly, the only thing you can do is take a pain pill, or try buying some Ambesol (or similar product) to help numb the painful area, and wait. Eventually, the pain on the inside of your cheeks WILL go away. I'm a trombone player, and I had my braces put on 4 days before a concert. Let me tell you - I thought I was going to die! But I made it, and continued playing the whole time I had braces. I never had any cuts or injuries, no blood - I never even used the wax. Your mouth will get used to them, I promise. For now, try to talk and chew as little as possible, so that you can keep the rubbing on the inside of your cheeks to a minimum.
  • I hope you are not literally eating the wax. You are supposed to just pinch a small amount and place it on the brace that is irritating. Also if when you put your finger on the brace it pricks you or is sharp it means you need to go back to the orthodontist and have them fix it.
  • I know how you feel. when i had my brackets but on my molars i was in agony. i had some orthdontic wax but it was not any use so i brought my own gel called braceeze. it comes in a tube from orthoshop ( it is brilliant.If this does not work try using aloclair which is avalible from your orthodontist or pharmacist. both of theese sollutions helped me. if none of these work go back to your orthodontist who can file down the brackets, adjust them or place some glue on them to stop the pain. your mouth will eventually get used to this althought it may take a week or so. i hope this information has helped.
  • You will get use to it - just tough it out - you want to look good don't you or would you rather have snaggle teeth?
  • My best advice for the pain is to take ADVIL!!! 2 every 4-6 hrs or whatever the box says. That was my saving grace when I had braces. Advil is an anti-inflamatory and can be used for pain, swelling and even a sore throat (because in essence, the throat is inflamed). I found that it helps anything that is swollen or sore so try that out if you can... And remember its only temporary, you will have GORGEOUS teeth for the rest of your life which is priceless! I'd go through the pain and horror all over again because its worth it! I still love my smile 20 years later and so will you!! :)
  • Take some pain medicine. Then you can maybe eat actual food afterwards too! It's awesome. :D
  • OK first of all, you're not really supposed to EAT the wax. It's supposed to be mushed into your braces to keep them from irritating the insides of your mouth. Secondly... the pain after a tightening should only last 3 or 4 days before it passes. You'll be fine, just tough it out, and keep some Advil handy. I had braces (and a monstrosity of a headgear) for about 6-7 years, and it was definitely worth the agony.
  • i recently got braces and let me tell you, the first few days were horrible, to make the pain go away i put wax on all the brackets that bothered me since they cut up the inside of my lips and cheeks really bad. waking up in the morning was bad i hated it. but wax and orajel totally helps! so everynight i put a new set of wax on the brackets that bother me the most and fill up my gums and insides with orajel, helps me sleep like a baby but you really shouldnt be eating the wax unless it's an accident.
  • I recently got mine removed, so you have alot to look forward to. I usually take anywhere from 200-1000mg of Motrin. I also asked for a Bite Wafer. That should help. Don't take too much Motrin though. You'll tear-up your stomach, etc...
  • ok so i just got braces. i got my braces on 3 days ago and im about to rip them off my teeth!! What i found that releives some pain is Orajel mouth wash and Orajel creme, it numbs your gums. Also, rinse with salt water that helps too and take some Aleve!! Just eat soup, no hard food!! Its not worth the pain to eat hard food just stick with the super soft food!!

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