• go for it.. i would!
  • I don't think I'd go that far -lol + 5
  • It's YOU she's lookin' at, Fun, me lovely.
  • I think you need to have your eyes tested - lol!! goldfish wear the same expression all the time regardless of if they want your food or not!! And just out of curiosity..... why would you be eating doritos so close to your tank/bowl/pond anyway???
  • Do not feed your fish doritos, way to much salt and oil. If you feel sorry 'cause goldie is feelin left out just drop in a small flake of real fish food. Just because a carp in the wild , or even your fish will eat a dorito, don't mean it is good for them. ( Unlike us, where Doritos, Oreos and Coca Cola make us healthy and wise.) In the wild the fish would eat a bit but then go lookin for some more normal food. In the tank the fish's diet is limited to what you feed it, most prepared foods are balanced, more or less, but you need to provide some 'approved' variety. The salt can really harm the fish's health, the oil cause loose bowels, goldfish make enough mess awready, the cornmeal can cause digestive system blockage. The oil can also screw up your tank, making a film on the water that bacteria will grow in. Just acause some critter wants sumpin, don't mean it is good for them. I dunno if a goldfish can look wistful or hungry, but if you eat a chocolate bar, your dog is liable to beg and whine, but if you give a dog chocolate, it will eat it. If it eats enough it could die, if it survives it will be sick as ah, well sick as something that is way sick. Inside a goldfish the oily digestive loosness and the blockage could combine and your fish could explode! The tank could burst, water would come gushing out, your doritos would get all soggy. The fish could land on a Dorito, and if sardines are any indication, fish should be eaten on crackers not Doritos.
  • Don't even attempt it for 1 second! Bright colors can stimulate goldfish, that is probably why you are getting that look
  • My fish look at us all the time cause we are constantly looking at them. We are so enthused by them and all the babies we have aquired they must be thinking we are nuts. I dont think I would go as far as feeding my fish table food though only fish food the dog has gotten to expensive in bread crust LOL.
  • go ahead! feed your goldfish doritos! we'll see what happens.
  • you could try and see what happens

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