• [ Do you believe in this so called environmental disaster? ] If you mean: global warming, I answer: Yes, global warming exists, but I am unconvinced that the predicted doom is going to come, and I am only partially convinced that human-generated CO2 is the culprit. [ How old are you ] 60 [ what excatly have you personally noticed that makes you think we are doomed if we keep burning coal ] Though I have noticed several things that might be blamed on global warming, it's important to realize that ***what one person notices*** does NOT really count as evidence of global warming (because the claim is a gradual TREND of GLOBAL warming). Again: I'm not completely convinced that coal-burning is the culprit. [ Why don't you think Private jets , Private super yachts or space launches are a major contribitor ? ] Because of the RELATIVE volume of CO2 generated by those things. It's like asking why you think 10 dogs are a major contributor of yard poop...compared to the poop produced by 10,000 cats. [ How does paying more taxes make the air cleaner? ] That by itself certainly does not make the air cleaner.
  • I'm 61. Weather changes. I'm not nearly as concerned about the warming as I am the mini ice ages that usually follow a warming period. And since I live where there is air conditioning, I think I can figure out how to survive. I'm also confident our children and grandchildren are smart enough to figure out how to survive if the water rises. But I don't believe its going to be an issue, and I don't believe anyone who has waterfront property believes it either! If the Obama's REALLY believed it they wouldn't have sunk all that money into the mansion they bought as it will be underwater if the so called disaster ever actually happened.
    • 11stevo73
      Do you remember it being hot as hell , drought flood its allways happened. Land miss managment stealing of water from rivers is a different subject as to why there is less water. you'd remember trees and native animals.

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