• You should provide a link to a photo of the one you have. There are a lot of remotes for Roku, including the Ultra model - and they have different button configurations.
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      [ I can't believe this...6 hours later and still no link. This must be one of the "gifted" kids that were moved ahead to the 4th grade... ]
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      The Roku I have now has a button 1 for the roku channel and another button 2 for youtube. It also has a button for muting the sound. Its sponsored buttons are Sling Hulu, Netflix and D isney. My original Roku didn't have the above enhancements and the four sponsored buttons were Netflix, Amazon. Hulu and Sling. That's quite a difference.
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      Good job - here's a gold star (*). Now try this - go into Google images and look at all of the ones listed there. If you find yours, right-click on it and choose "save image in a new tab", then go to that tab and copy the URL. If it's a long URL, don't paste it in here - this place doesn't do long URLs very well. Instead, open a website called * *. Upload the long URL in there and it will generate a smaller URL that AB can handle. If you're successful, you can have a cookie from the cookie jar - but just one. You don't want to spoil your dinner...

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