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  • You obviously make a reference to Trump. Since you think he was such a bad person, please give us your reasons. What did he do that was "so bad"? Compare him to Biden, giving both good and bad qualities to each.
  • The dictator is the guy that said take the vaccine or you won't be able to earn a living. The very same vaccine he had said earlier he would never take because it came about under the previous guy's Warp speed initiative. If you think Trump was so friendly with Russia why did Putin wait until Biden was in office, surely his buddy would have just let him stroll in don't you think? It is the present dictator you have to thank for this for killing our energy independence and also the sanctions the last guy (whom you call a dictator) had placed on the Russian pipeline. Putin never would have done this under Trump but Biden threw all the cards he was handed away. How long do you think it will take Ukraine to surrender once all the corrupt politicians have divvied up the aid that the people mean for Ukraine between themselves. Why hasn't Putin dropped a couple of FOABs and completely leveled Kiev, especially if he thinks he is losing? I doubt very much Putin has any intention at all of going in to the city. It is cut off and surrounded so all he has to do is wait. The crooked politicians are not going to use this time to help the Ukrainian people and are salivating at this opportunity to further line their own pockets at the people's expense, both the Ukrainians and their own citizens.
  • Democrats saw Trump as a dictator during his presidency. In case you forgot, he didn't have Americans under vaccine mandates. His views: "Some people aren't taking it; the ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don't take the vaccine, but it's still their choice. And if you take the vaccine, you're protected," -Donald Trump
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  • "He agrees with what Putin is doing..." - And Putin never threatened Ukraine under Trump's watch. It wasn't until slack-jawed Biden became president (cough, cough) that Putin took advantage of his weak adversary. Yes, US people still love Trump because Trump was strong and cared about America - no one threatened him.
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      "Hatred"? Against whom? Biden? Trump? Putin? (LOL)
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      I'm still waiting for you to list your reasons for hating Trump...
  • I have to agree with the first answer. We've never been ruled by any dictator. The nearest thing was FDR...and even with him, as far as we can tell, he kept his office because of popularity and legitimate democratic elections, not through changing the Constitution or other laws such that he could not be ousted from office, nor law changes that granted him absolute authority over the national government, nor government-mandated election fraud. "dictator - a ruler with total power over a country"
    • Army Veteran hate to bring this up, but while FDR didn't change the actual Constitution, he did change the Neutrality Laws a few times to legalize his efforts to give aid to Britain and other Allied countries. Doing this demonstrates his desire to get involved in the war before the attack on Pearl Harbor took place - giving credence to the fact that he committed treason by provoking the Japanese attack.
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      That's true.
      1465: OK, but that's not relevant to the "dictator" thing. He still had to work with Congress - or struggle against them, as the case might be. He still was subject to Supreme Court rulings. He still was (as far as we can tell) elected fairly every time he won an election. Therefore: he wasn't a dictator.

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