• Yes, the supernatural exists. It is manifested through psychic abilities. Everyone has a psychic ability to some degree. It could be a gut instinct through seeing future events.
  • nope not atall
  • Depends what you mean by the "supernatural" and how you're differentiating it from the "paranormal"
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      I think they are the same thing.
  • There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. IOW, there's a lot I that I don't know, than I do. If a disembodied voice tells me to "GO AWAY!" I do. LOL!
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      That's disembodied voice is me. lol
  • Mostly coincidences
  • Nope. There's no evidence for any of it and I just don't buy it. I stopped believing in ghosts when I was a kid
  • No, I believe the natural forces are sufficient to enable all of our entire existence. I think belief in supernatural is ok but I think some Christians (as well as other religions) should be more open minded about evolutionary process. Or maybe I should be more open minded about supernatural creation. Ha ha... I don't know!
  • I'm openminded the supernatural being real. . I know from what I read on the net much is trickery. eg camera angles. double exposure, power of suggestion., etc. Despite this I still its possible for the supernatural being possible. If I was in a house with strange unexplained noises I would begin with the most rational explanation first. Then I'd see from there.

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