• I didn't bother with an avatar on Yahoo either. I can't fathom why you think this is so important. It is not. Questions and answers matter far, far more. And some people, for reasons of personal privacy, prefer not to use pictures of any kind, even pictures not of themselves. You need to respect that. By the way, Yahoo Answers had a vast number of problems. That's why it no longer exists. Truly "great" sites aren't shut down by owners who quite reasonably no longer perceive any value in them. Yahoo had lost value, precipitously.
  • yahoo was Brilliant when green ,when yahoo even had a so called dressing room for us to change into nice avatars..aaahhh those were the days !!
  • For some reason local People seem to be afraid to show much personality in this neighborhood. I too am a YA alumni but for the moment Im going to assume the locals have a good reason for their strictly platitude attitude , I plan to hide behind this Mardi gras mask I found in the hallway of a covid 19 ward in Nawlins & just play it cool until I find out which way the wind blows around here.
    • Angster Gangster
  • I've had several, but everyone bitched about it for one reason or another so I changed back to a bag face.
  • I like avatars but not everyone does, each to his own I suppose.
  • some people prefer to remain anonymous.

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