• If they have a good case than I say do it
  • I would say yes only if they were held against their will.😕
  • not that i agree with their life styles, but they dont deserve rape and the creeps that rape them need to be punished
  • I think they are as entitled to file those charges as anybody else. When she goes with a man expecting a simple business transaction, and gets abused and maybe injured then she has a right to file charges. IMHO
  • Any person held against their will for forced sex is a victim of rape. It doesn[t matter one's profession or for that matter moral character, forced sex, rape. If a woman who prostitutes believes she was raped then there is no issue from me. The outcome is up to the judicial system.
  • I would add, that if the sex worker is willing to go to a police officer and offer herself up as a sacrificial lamb just to get a pervert off the street, then is probably a good bet that the guy should be off the street. Remember prostitution is illegal in most states.
    • Linda Joy
  • When you place yourself in a position that invites sexual assault, you have no one to blame but yourself. The only real difference between rape and turning a trick is whether the money was paid or not.
  • Unless violence is committed, no way to file a complaint.
  • In cases where there really is rape, they should.

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