• depends, on what I'm giving up, But if it was a good friend logically most likely just to get them off the hook, but really internally would never change me.. Nobody is really that important
    • Linda Joy
      I think everybody is that important!
    • Linda Joy
      but chances are they're not going to keep their word anyway. and I might could talk them out of the gun.
  • Yes. I kill him.
    • Linda Joy
      You'll kill whom? How? They're the one with the gun. Do you plan to disarm them?
  • I might not like the results but if there is no other way, yes, I would. Jesus Christ gave His life for me, can I do any less for someone else?
  • Depends on what it was, if it was harmful to someone else then no one is really benefiting by my compliance.
  • I'd quickly disown my old friend and make friends with the gunman, then when he's wondering why he has himself at gunpoint, I would escape with my old friend, thus redeeming myself from a moment before, so that we could be friends again.
  • I would attack the friend - as it's something that goes against everything I believe in- as soon as they said those words. Either way, I win as I obeyed him in a way he wasn't expecting.
  • Shoot the hostage.
    • Linda Joy
      HAHA I love it!
    • Archie Bunker
      It worked in 'Speed.'
  • No, I have no friends

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