• I wouldn't say 'have to'. But overwhelmingly pain comes with love. I think one helps you appreciate the other. "There must needs be opposition in all things." I think God's love is offered without pain. It is the consequences of sin that causes the pain. He even gives instruction on how to avoid it. The good thing about love is that when it is all said and done we can remember the moments we choose to remember, even if we have to make a list to remind us of the good times!
  • No, do not believe that. Love is bliss, work through the problems.
  • IMO, love is the greatest thing ever, but the world will hurt you and people will hurt you, and the people you love will hurt you the most, whether it be directly (because love makes you vulnerable) or indirectly (because the world hurts them and other people hurt them and there are some situations when you can't do anything about it). But if you eschew love, you don't get to live without pain, you just have pain and joy and everything that will go less deep.
  • probably
  • Pain?...sounds like conditional love... Prefer unconditional pain there
    • V. Sou
      hahaha There is no pain if the cheerleader over there doesn't go all bullying on you.
    • Cry me a River
      God,s love is conditional upon receiving Christ, but afterwards it is unconditional..Wheras his blessings though are conditional upon obedience to Christ.. no pain there , but there may be consequences to a believer,s disobedience..

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