• Extra large Dunkin Donuts decaf with one sugar.
  • The rest of the office.
  • I don't have a computer I use my phone but I usually use it either in the living room watching television or in the bedroom, in which case I would be looking into my closet. What about you?
    • Linda Joy
      Wow this is old! I haven't watched tv in years! And I'm on my second computer since then! I see my glasses (frames) when I look away from the computer. But now my computer faces the wall with a garment rack to the right and a medicine closet to the left with a big fat exercise ball in front of it. I still use my phone sometimes, but keying is easier on the computer, and easier on a big keyboard than the laptop I had.
  • I see the television on
  • I look up from my computer screen. I see a photo of my my then hubby&me.
  • Well, the garment rack and medicine cabinet are still there, but the exercise ball is in the living room right now since its easier to use in there.

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