• I liked the speckled robin eggs best, The kind that made your mouth colored.. they do not make them like that nowadays... and fake grass was neato/is cool
  • Since I was somewhat underfed, I liked the hard boiled eggs best. I really disliked the 'peeps'.
  • Reese's peanut butter cups. And Peeps. But Peeps are only good when you let them get a little stale. Open the package and let them sit 24hrs. If they're open more than 48hrs, they're too hard.
  • i grew up in a jewish horne so no easter baskets
  • A few years back I found myself in a situation and location in which giving out Halloween candy to kids was possible, and so I bought just about every kind of candy bar you can think of. I didn't given them all away, so I ended up eating some of each kind myself. Much to my surprise, at 60 years old my taste has not changed one iota. *** Now: true, Easter candy tends to be slightly different. But still: I expect my taste in candy has not changed one iota. What I used to like best was the Cadbury fruit and creme egg. Runner up: the white chocolate bunnies.

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