• Celery & Pernod.
  • Root beer it taste like mouth wash
  • Asparagus. It smells like wet socks.
    • Ice man
      Makes your piss stink too.
    • we are dough 68
      Here we go again.
  • I prefer to think of myself as selective rather than picky - or is that just being picky ;) I don't like cantelope, green bell pepper, brussels sprouts, asparagus, mustard, dill pickles, sour patch anything, greens (spinach is ok) anchovies, anything ridiculously high in vinegar or salt. I don't wish to even try such 'delicacies' as duck embryos and maggot cheese!
    • Laney916
      lol Selective and picky both work. :P I don't like green bell pepper, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, anchovies, sour patch candies, or most vinegary things either. I get you on the duck embryos and Casu Marzu (maggot cheese). Gross! My list was actually a lot longer than the question details are, but the site has a character limit. I also hate pineapple, water (I get intestinal pains or vomiting from just a few sips and the stuff tastes metallic to me), raw onions, most potato dishes, cake/frosting (the cake is a textural issue. Tends to be dry. Frosting is too sweet and people like to use huge globs of it), cinnamon, pizza crusts unless they're stuffed or flavored with butter and Parmesan and they're soft, orange juice with pulp, cherry orange or grape flavored things, beer/wine, American cheese, olives except for olive oil, mayo, ketchup, marmalade, meat, spinach except for baby spinach, angel hair pasta, toast, corn, Jell-O except for lime (I hate the texture mostly), sweet tea (I love iced tea, but sweet tea is nasty and gives me the runs), apples with skin on, sauerkraut/cabbage unless the cabbage is stuffed and then baked or steamed, skim milk, and horseradish.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't like sauerkraut either! I'd rather have frosting than the cake, but I don't dislike it. I'll pass on grape flavored drinks, but I like grapes and grape juice. And I don't like lemon unless it's sweetened

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