• none, i dont care if people see me eating in public
  • Red wine because I can be a bit careless (especially after a couple glasses of wine) and the red wine can do major damage.
    • Linda Joy
      I can imagine a myriad of ways damage could be caused by red wine. Were you referring to stains? I could give tips for that. Unscrewing someone or getting out of a DUI/OUI, on the other hand is beyond my advisory abilities. Good answer, thank you!
  • I try to avoid eating raw meat and drinking the blood of Virgins in public, because I am a trainee Vampire and still wearing my Peppa Pig bib.
  • I used to drink alcohol in public - until Walmart kicked me out...
  • not done that { avoided food .but i dont think id eat a toffee apple in public
  • Never really occurred to me to not eat in public what I WOULD eat in private.

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