• Cover your mouth.
    • Linda Joy
      Some adults still need to be reminded! But that's a good one.
  • 5. "It's fine; a little dirt on your food will strengthen your immune system." 4. "Now get up; it's your brother's turn to sit in the box now!" 3. "If you two are going to fight, go outside; I don't want you two breaking that lamp!" 2. "If it's bothering you, just tie a string around it and tie the other end to a doorknob, then I'll slam the door and it'll come out!" 1. "If you don't quit touching your brother, I'll bite your fingers off and have the doctor stitch them back on!!!!"
    • Linda Joy
      Hahahahaha! I have said #3 to adult men before! Really enjoyed this!
  • to be careful
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      You never say that to an adult?
    • Linda Joy
      I do all the time!
  • Did you poopy?
    • Linda Joy
      Hahaha! This would make a good cartoon! "What is your problem today?! Are you constipated again?!"
  • I'm going to whoop your ass.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, that's something you should never announce when you plan to assault an adult. Especially if you're the little one - and I'm always the little one! That's why I have no problem bringing rebar or a 9mm into the situation if needed!
  • Are your parents in? What did you do at school today?
    • Linda Joy
      I had someone come to the door and ask me if my parents were home when my son was 6! I was 27.
    • Professor Yaffle
      Did you take it as a compliment or just tell them "I don't know, go to their house & find out"?

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