• Many a time. I cut my biological Dad and my brother out of my life completely. And I've cut out the rest intermintinitly over the years.
  • my father. i haven't talked to him in a month.
  • I used to, for no apparent reason, loathe my mother. When I was 12, I rebelled against her, and moved to the complete other side of the country to live with my father, much to his dismay. It was definitely a time of awakening for me. I got to see the kind of person my father really was, and realized just how much my mom had done for me. I moved back home a couple years later, and starting developing and amazing relationship with my mom. I can say without a doubt that she is the best friend I will ever have. I still feel bad for the whole mom-hating thing...but she's over it. We blame it on puberty mostly. I currently speak with my father a maximum of 5 times a year.
  • YES , Five sisters who left me out of my fathers Will +up
  • Yes..with my mother, brother and father sadly.
  • Yes, I cut ties with various family members for various reasons at various times. At this point, we all (pretty much) are growing back together.
  • yes, and it is not me cutting them is them cutting me out. And they won't tell me why. my brother has cut me out of his life. he talks to everyone else....but not me and the sad thing to me is he won't even give me respect of telling me why. my husband said he would like to know, "what is the grand secret?" Heck, I wish I knew. Then at least I would know.
  • yup. moved out kicked out and everything. long story short we talk now and i feel like i actually know my father instead of the jackass i thought i lived with for 14 years
  • Yes I have not spoken to one of my sisters( unless absolutely necessary ) for over a year.
  • Yes, i have cut ties completely with one of my sisters, i will never ever speak to her again or forgive her the things she has done to my family, i know it sounds really harsh, but its the only thing i can do that stops me wanting to punch her for everything
  • yup, my brother in law, my wife in her will banned him from her funeral, his behaviour when she was dying was beyond cruel, so I have had no contact with him for 5 years, don't miss him at all, he was a full time dick even before his sister got ill.
  • My brother an i went thru a stage where he didn't talk to me for just under a year. I was going thru a tubulant time with things and well his situation at the time was difficult for him. He couldn't deal with all my drama (yes and it was just teenage drama stuff so nothing major) and he didn't talk to me for 9 months. I was devo and then he said he was ready to talk again and i was so relieved. We're actually closer now than we ever were before. My grandad and his sister actually stopped contact for like 20 or 30 years. they just had clashing personalities. bit sad really but i guess that's just how some things go
  • Yes, my mum........we clash but we love each other deeply. I rang her after a couple of weeks cool off.....and felt bad that I'd left it so long :)
  • YES. My brother in law had to leave my twins hospital room when she had their son so I could see my sister & my nephew. I was totally WRONG. I now think the guy is wonderful which is causing problems between me & my twin because they're seperated but I love him, so she'll have to deal
  • Yes. I haven't spoken to my mom in 3 years. And I don't plan to ever speak to her.
  • i haven't spoken to any of my brothers or mother in over 5 yrs; they started a fight over money when my father passed away and he left me some things that they didn't think was "fair" ~ they actually tried to sue husband and i finally said, if you can live with it then we can live without it! we haven't spoken's still hard to understand "why" but i've stopped asking myself since they have absolutely no excuse for behaving so badly......bottom line is they chose money over a relationship with me :(
  • i havent talk to my younger brother over a year, he has really short and bad temper, in most coversations, he has to critise, he always talk about the past, he hates successful business people, he called my wife f**king smelly bit** in front of alot of people many many times, he use the f word strongly if he dont win an dispute. i have lost faith with this person, he has turned into an evil violent person over the years. he should seek medical help, is this mental illness ? family and friends have stayed away from him because his temper and violent, and bad f words.
  • I had stop talking to my dad for 5 years, when I had my son we started speaking and he even moved in with me for 4 yrs, 5 yrs ago he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and I was at his beside every day, He is in good health now - we see each other every day (he now lives across the street from me
  • I haven't spoke to my sister in 4 1/2 years. I love her but I just can't deal with her anymore. She's nasty, negative and mean. I miss her, but every time I have any contact with her, the negative effects she leaves me with last too long, and I just feel it's not worth it.
  • We weren't taught to keep in touch and drifted apart, but I don't remember ever shutting anyone out by decision.
  • One of my brothers cut off ties with the whole family so I haven't spoken to him in years.

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