• no, ive never had that happen unless i just dont know about it
  • Yes, my aunt and my cousin. But that is what I can expect when being the black sheep of the family.
    • Linda Joy
      Can a family have all black sheep? lol
    • Thinker
      I doubt if all black sheep but there can be several in a family
  • Really sorry for your loss, Linda Joy. To answer your question, yes. My mom's side of the family is pretty weird about how they handle death. I was very close to my grandmother, and, although I knew she had fallen ill on vacation in another state (didn't have any idea how bad), I found out she was gone when the lunch lady at school (who didn't even know her) offered her condolences. When I got home from school, I asked my mom how my grandmother was doing, and she just casually said that she had died two days prior.
    • Linda Joy
      My niece was supposed to inform her side of the family. My sister wouldn't even talk to me there towards the end. I think she couldn't talk on the phone without coughing, and didn't want to face reality or deal with it.
  • Several times. I seem to be the last one in the family to be notified about anything happening in the family.
  • No but horribly awful!
  • If you recently found out about it by going to her FB page and she died back in August, it sounds like the two of you weren't that close in terms of regular interaction. That could be one reason it took so long for you to get the news. I've been lucky where siblings are concerned - that aspect of my family is still intact. What's difficult to accept is to find out that a close friend died - on your birthday.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart! My sister died in Aug... a couple of years back. I learned my ex sis-in-law died from looking at her FB page. And I did mention that my sis wouldn't answer the phone at the end. I think it was because she couldn't talk without coughing. And I was not in close contact with either, but I loved them both. My upstairs neighbor died on my back door neighbor's birthday, I think. The second person who has died up there above me. I didn't really know the first one, but she had a grandson. And I've lost two sisters so far. One committed suicide with tylenol and alcohol but it took her two weeks to die from it. The other untreated cancer. I think she wanted to be with her son who died years ago in a black hawk helicopter crash in Texas where they lived. And my niece was found strangled and buried in a shallow grave earlier this year. NO REASON.

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