• Well if you WANT to be a REPUBLICAN TOOL (by helping PROPAGATE doubt about reality, like your question does), then why not just write this: "People who believe in rights and democracy and a living wage are retarded. VOTE REPUBLICAN. Republicans never lie and are god." - There's your paper. Just tell teacher your source is FOX.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      PS. Sorry. I see now youre actually young, well...I was an adult in 1990 when we realized we were wrecking the environment, but since then, evil rich dirtbags bought the press and put propaganda on it to trick people into thinking the globe is cooling, not warming, and every other kind of malicious evil irresponsible lie they can tell. ((Look up "Hitler's Big Lie" That will explain how much truth there is to republicans' CRAP they say about ANYTHING.)) We have damaged the environment. But I'll be dead, so i dont care. Good luck with whats left of the place. I didnt do it. I railed against the scumbags myself. But Americans are stupid, and so is American politics, so all we get is lies and rip offs and nothing good EVER. Maybe your generation could FIGHT, instead of parroting youtube.. but i doubt it, because you all think vocoded disney-fied hip hop sounds good and nose rings and tattoos look good, and oh my god...we're sunk. Never mind.
    • 11stevo73
      What does any of this political shit have to do with drought and flood? This why the great American democrat is sewage you fuckheads mouth of your corprate shit you people are disgusting.
  • I don't in the 50 years Ive been alive there have been droughts and floods my whole life. Grandpa dealt with them also. The damage man is doing to the land has way more long term effect than drought and flood.
  • The evidence for global warming - that global warming IS occurring - is completely persuasive. I'm NOT convinced by the supposed cause (given that evidence clearly indicates that global warming has occurred SEVERAL times in prehistory). I'm VERY skeptical of certain schemes directed specifically at carbon reduction. (For example: supposedly "sequestering" CO2 underground.) I'm ALL FOR green energy solutions that are really green. It seems to me the best current solution (by which I mean: the best ways for governments to spend money to reduce the problem) - given the inconclusive evidence regarding the cause(s) - is to protect natural environments (such as forests), significantly increase acreage and protection of such areas, and support a conversion to really green energy sources. Why? Because even if carbon emissions are not the primary cause, those solutions will benefit the entire planet in multiple ways. I.e. the money will be well-spent even if down the road we discover that carbon emissions are NOT the primary cause.
  • I believe in the reality of global warming, climate change. I think both contribute to the extreme weather conditions in the past decade or so.
  • In that case WorldOpenskies2222, you might want to look into scientists who do not believe in climate change, and those that do, and then come to your own conclusion. I believe that climate change is happening, because plants grow in the UK that wouldn't of survived the cold temperatures before. But I also know that the sun is getting hotter, and that the governments have been using weather manipulation since the 1940.s. Stratospheric geoengineering had been going on many years, before the CIA came out and admitted it, when the so called conspiracy nuts were pointing out that "they're not clouds." These measures are only taken out of desperation, under the guise that volcano's erupt and create a cloud that blocks out the sun, however that same volcanic cloud contains chemicals that are dangerous to humans, does the stratospheric engineering Nano particles? They don't know, they never tested it, and we'll only find out in time, but does keeping heat in the atmosphere with these clouds affect the earth, would it warm the seas? Be interesting to find out right? The other side you will find easily, with regards to scientists who support climate change, and then it's up to you as to whether you still sit on the fence, and that is an ok place to be if you are honestly undecided.
  • You can see it every day.
    • 11stevo73
      the days look the same to me as they did 40 years ago. What do you see that makes you say that? As if Murzy will answeer a question?
    • Linda Joy
      Some people don't get notifications when you comment on their answer. I don't get notifications at all.

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