• Well have known people who claimed to be. I don't know. They were women who seemed to me to have self-esteem issues that caused them to search for ways to distinguish themselves.
    • Ice man
      I recently met and had lunch with a woman who claimed to be as well. At first (like you) I thought she had self-esteem issues. She seemed very guarded, it was as if she felt something was watching her. Eventually she relaxed and told me her story. Later she told me she'd had a "visit" while we had lunch. I wasn't sure what to think. Then she started telling me about people from my past, who have since passed away. There's no way she could have had knowledge of my past, but she was right on the money. Now I really don't know what to think, I was attracted to her but I'm not sure I want to get involved.
    • officegirl
      Yes that's just the kind of person I meant. See angels on the ends of their bed and have significant dreams. I'm not a skeptic or I try not to be but those things really don't interest me. Telling your past, predicting your future, bringing you news from beyond. I'm happy enough I guess with things going on just the way they are so not interested. Why not ask her out? The only issue I could foresee is that she might deem her "gifts" her contribution to your relationship while you might not see them that way.
    • Ice man
      You've nailed the type, angels and all, plus raised some good food for thought. Like you, I would rather not know what's coming around the next corner. Thankfully she only talked about people from my past. She asked if her gifts bothered me ( I'm told at this point guys usually take off running) and was surprised when I answered "no", that I found it interesting but wasn't sure what to make of it. It seems that her gifts are now what her life is all about. That's the thing that makes me uncertain about how involved I want to become. Perhaps I should go get a couple of bottles of wine and talk with her some more.
  • My sister Rosemary read my mother's cards one time. She got the death card and then another card that meant the initials p or f. My grandfather whose name was Floyd and my grandmother whose name was Pearl both died within six months. I don't mess with them but I don't necessarily believe them either.
    • ReiSan
      Coincidence explains that.
  • no, ive never been to one
  • I met a Gypsy woman who claimed to be all that, but it was easy to perceive that she was a fraud. There is no evidence that anyone actually has such abilities.
    • Ice man
      You are young and have the rest of your life ahead of you.. Don't discount everything you believe to be false. You may have encountered a fake medium, but don't close your eyes to the realm of those who have passed away before us. Every country has it's own stories, but once you witness something of the supernatural for yourself you will understand.
    • ReiSan
      Scientists have never found anything supernatural or paranormal. I trust scientists far more than crude hoaxers who pretend to have psychic abilities. There are several challenges for such people with millions of dollars in prizes for anyone who can prove he has such abilities. No person has ever won even one of those prizes. Such frauds as Sylvia Browne ignore challenges to her or invent feeble excuses for ot winning millions of dollars. If anyone actually had such powers, they would win all of hese challenges and prove their abilities to scientists. No claimant has ever come close to doing any of this, so there is no valid reason to think such powers exist. All mediums are fake. It is reasonable to close your mind to patent nonsense.
  • No, there ain't no such thing.
  • not yet
  • Yes, several. One Native American seer saw me living in a cabin near water and waterfalls. Seven years later I was living near a large creek with a waterfall and mill. Another psychic told me about a friend who recently died. She saw him laughing when I burned my finger. This happened when I burned my finger from a small arc on a high voltage device I made for him. Also I fell in love and was in a relationship with a woman gifted in these ways. Many things were told to me that made it clear to me they were tuning in to a field of energy, perhaps like a radio. One of my early teachers in my teens called herself a parapsychologist and taught a whole spectrum of subtle skills, some of which i was able to demonstrate on occasion. (i had no desire to develop any of these skills beyond their natural occurrence.)

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