• First, congratulations on the new job. Second, what you're telling us is that someone else was refused a job that they were going to get, so that you could get a job you weren't going to get. I imagine it's possible that God acted supernaturally to make sure that someone else who needed a job didn't get one, all so you could get a job you aren't actually qualified for. Then again, this sort of circumstance is entirely consistent with natural law, and it is both less arrogant (and less blasphemous) to work under the assumption that God doesn't love you anymore than he loves anyone else. So, perhaps no supernatural causation was involved.
    • Linda Joy
      She didn't say someone else was refused the job.
    • winstondegaulle
      There are lots of jobs going. It's clear that you sincerely want to work, so there's no reason why you should not find one. Always remember that, and that if you're unhappy in a job, there's always a better one. Forget about God. If there are any good forces out in space, they certainly don't have the power to make things better in this cruel world. It's better to count on kind people. There are a lot around but I know it's not always easy to find them.
  • Most likely you were actually more qualified than you thought.
  • Why would you think god intervened in your life, when he allows terrorist attacks to kill thousands, allows kids to starve to death everyday and causes natural disasters? That is kind of selfish don’t you think? Imagine that there is no god and you actually are in control of you life, your decisions made by you and only you. No one to blame but yourself, no one to give credit to but yourself. You got that job because you were the best candidate for the job, that’s how it works. Give yourself credit for you achievement and have confidence in your own abilities.
  • It's possible. It's also possible more people were needed so the requirement was dropped. In any case YAY YOU! I know you've been wanting this for a long time and we have both been praying for it. Thank God from whom all blessings flow!
    • pearllederman
      unfortunately i lost that job cause i got a 73 on a test during training instead of the 85 they wanted
    • Linda Joy
      Aww I'm sorry! I'll continue praying for your knee and a job then.
  • I think stated requirements for jobs are more like guidelines or a wish list I believe with the official unemployment figures at about 4.1% and the upcoming holiday season, applicants are in demand. I have never given much credence to "God" doing something that we don't do for ourselves. If you want to believe otherwise -- I certainly can not prove you wrong.
  • Anything is possible.

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