• You did inform the doctors of all your medications including if you take antacids, any allergies you have especially to Penicillin and any medical conditions you may have especially with any abdominal trouble. Karlor CD is a rough drug and can cause a lot of issues, more so if you have conditions already. This drug should start making you feel better with in a few days. If it doesn't you need to call your doctors. Here is a link to a PDF for this drug: Karlor CD I cant help you with the how long question, I just don't know sry =/
  • Have you heard of Tinitus? thats a permanent ringing in the ears, not pleasant by all accounts! never heard of ears being syringed that causes ringing...but hey theres a first for everything :)
  • but i had ringing 5 years ago and it went away. ringing in ears isn't always tinitus
  • yeh im allergic to penicillin but everything else is ok. im on my third day of Karlor CD and my ear does feel a little better not that much though. and the doctor told me that the water from the suringe had caused fluid in the ear. and that the suringe could not have caused damage. also i had lots of wax in my ear and didn't clean it for 3 years
  • it could be tinnitus and it could be an indication ur losin ur hearin ...ive got tinnitus and its a pain when u think u hear sumthin but its not there anyways sometimes u've just got to relax and stay away from loud sounds like a rock concert or whatever have s relaxin shower/bath, herbal tea read a book and before u know it it'll pass...if not then i dont know...but syringes?! liquid behind ear drum? well if the liquid isnt solid like ear wax then it shouldnt cause much ringing
  • When you say you had your ear syringed do you mean that they flushed wax out with water? If so, you might have an injury to your eardrum due to using too much pressure. Flushing your ears with water in that manner is notorious for causing more problems than it is worth. You should really see an ear specialist- I'm not sure what they are called in Australia- in the US it is an Otolaryngologist (ENT) or an Otologist. Anybody that would use water to flush your ears should no longer be trusted with your ear care. It is outdated and often harmful. Also, tinnitus refers to any ear noises whether it is ringing, pulsing, hissing, buzzing, clicking, roaring etc. and it is not always permanent or constant. So it is okay to describe yourself as having tinnitus. See a specialist! Don't delay when it's your hearing at stake. I've been working with ear specialists as a nurse for many years but am not a doctor btw.

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