• It means she's hanging out with you for now, because she hasn't found anyone better; but you are not what she really wants. She's actively looking for someone better, and when she finds him it will be adios amigo!
  • I agree with jwmbiz. She wants options open more than she wants you, bro. What she's saying is a fat contradiction, meaning, she's not saying what she's thinking.
  • It means, I guess, that she doesn't want a serious relationship right now. What's the big deal? Maybe she has plans for uni or something and doesn't want to get in too deep. How old are you anyway, and what's your hurry?
  • i would think the age would matter. if younger, i wouldnt worry about anything. just keep things good and things should be awesome. the best thing you could do is ask her why she doesnt want a serious relationship right now. this is also assuming that you are looking for a serious relationship, judging by your question. if you truly want a serious relationship the best thing to do is to talk to her about how you feel. the best way to keep a relationship going great is to have good communication between each other
  • If she really loved you she wouldn't mind getting serious. She's not completely happy and she is giving herself some emotional space and wiggle room to let you down easy.
  • there is a major clue hidden in your question.. she doesnt want a serious relationship... and she loves you more than anyone. (THAT statement bothers me, if you are looking for a serious relationship, i don't think she's the girl right now) ... this is what bothers me.. is that anyone else at the moment? or anyone else period? if she says she doesnt want a serious relationship, she means it.. just keep your guard up. good luck. i hope it goes the way you want it to!
  • maybe she has had other serious relationships that have ended badly and doesnt want to follow in that pattern again. she probably needs a little more time to adjust, so just take it slowly.

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