• well unless he signed a promisary note OR she has proof of the loan as a loan and not a gift then she gets to live and learn
  • $400.00 is not a gift that was her rent money and just a bit to feed her daughter and now she has nothing how can that be a gift?
  • time for some bricks to travel through some windows
  • she can go to cival court or judge judy
  • Any mother who lends out money that was meant to house and feed her child is going to learn the hard way not to ever do it again. Sure it's nice to help people out, but not when there's a chance that her child may suffer because of it. Unless she has an official record of the amount being a loan, she has little to support her claim of a debt being owed.
  • nothing. she should learn this lesson well and never make the same mistake in the future
  • Kiss it goodbye and learn the lesson... always loan money expecting not to get it back.
  • Take it to small claims court, although if it is not on paper her chases of recovery or next to nill. Usually the loser in court will pay for court fee's.
  • She cannot do a thing. My sister gave her long time bf $5000.00 for a truck and then he walked out. It was stupid on her part and she gets it now, but there is nothing you can do. It is considered a gift. Unless they wrote out and signed an agreement to pay it back in a timely manner she is screwed out of the money. You live and learn and then sign contracts;)
  • If she gave him cash, and the agreement was not put in writing, and he hasn't made any repayments yet, then the money is probably gone. But, if any of the following occured, it would be evidence of an oral contract and she could probably win a judgment in small claims court. In fact, just the threat of court will probably get a prompt repayment. a) If they wrote down the agreement, and he signed it. b) If she gave him a check. c) If he has made any repayments. Even better if it was done with a check. d) Any other evidence that will establish that an oral contract existed (eg. tape recording). If she can get a judge to believe her loan story, then she's a winner.
  • She can (and probably did) learn a lesson, that's about it yo...

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