• Try Moisturising Cream, it stops dryness and flaking from Sun Burn which could be causing your itch
    • C3Po
      you want the skin to flake thats how it sheds the old skin and reheals itself, excessive moisture slows the healing process and causes the irritation to last longer.
  • Plenty of cool aftersun. Keep the bottle in the fridge and keep applying it.
  • Aloe gel or another moisturizer to replenish the fluid in your skin. *If you refrigerate the preferred lotion it will feel cooling on your skin.*
  • Calamine Lotion! It works great and it is quite cheap.
  • Spread butter and sprinkle cinnamon on the burn area. It should sooth you and make you smell yummy :)
  • A very rich lotion, Aloe Vera is good for burns of any kind
  • Aloe Vera lotion always works for me!
  • Vinegar...cooling and soothing...
  • Aloe is good for healing your burn but it might make it hurt or itch more. DO that first and then wring out a towel with half and half vinegar and water and apply like a compress to the burned area and it will take some of the pain and itch away. Be sure to drink lots of water, too to help you stay hydrated.
  • colloidal silver. This happened to one of my kids because my husband is stupid! Stopped it right away and cleared up fast too. In my house, we only really use, colloidal silver, emu oil, organic apple cider vinegar, honey and olive oil for almost everything
  • So you got sunburn on your back. Here are some useful home made remedies that gives sure relief. 1.Cool soaks - A cool soaks or a shower is a great way to relieve the discomfort associated with sunburns. This helps to cool and soothe the skin and entails a small washcloth soaked in water on the sunburned skin for 15 minutes several times a day. 2. Drink plenty of water - Recovering from sunburn it is mandatory to drink plenty of water. This is because the sun dehydrates your skin as it and that explains the dry look of sunburned skin. 3. Aloe Vera - It contains a natural gel that helps to take pain and inflammation out of sunburn. Apply fresh juice from an Aloe Vera plant.
  • excess moisture could irritate the skin even more, the skin needs to breath and heal itself. Id use a light application of Aloe Vera. other less common treatments are herbs like Comfrey, and other anti inflammatory or anti irritation treatments. you could apply a cold press (like cool water and a rag) and wipe the area periodically to soothe the itchiness. remember dont scratch the irritated area either, just rub the area, gently, to minimize additional harm to your already irritated skin.

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