• She wanted you to learn, not do it for you. You got to high school and then college, good going. Looks like she had a point :-)
  • Maybe she didn't feel that she could be that much of a help to you, so she let you work it out. Maybe there are some subjects that she just does not know, and she didn't want to be embarrassed. Did you ask her to help? My Mom helped me probably twice thru 12 grades, but I knew all I had to do was ask. Now, I have one child left in school, and I couldn't possibly help him with the complicated stuff he brings home. He is an honors student and takes after his Mom, thank God!
  • I'd like to take a crack at this. When my son was in school I told him his job was to pay attention in class and if he had any questions he needed to ask the teacher. I did not help him with homework because I believed that the teacher could better know what his weak points were, if all the work he turned in were 100% his own. As a result, he got his PhD and is a College Professor and is about to get his dream job. I never agreed with parents who spent hours each night laboriously going over their children's homework...or "helping" out on projects. As you don't expect your child to go to your job with you and do your work, you should not be doing your child's work. Am probably going to get a lot of heat for this answer, so apologies in advance to anyone I've aggravated! :)
  • well if you can can you help a fourth grader out with her home work with out cheating? and maybe she did not have any time. my parents wanna help me but all of us are no good in math, geogryphy,ETC. so if you ever have kids try to help them with their homework. hope this helps! twilighterforever
  • Man of man...I was asked by my Nephew if I could help him in his English homework. I said "I'm not too into writing kid" he begged me I sat and within 4 minutes he looked at me and said : "I like you, you're honest I think I need to figure this out myself" Heh! I TOLD him the truth!!
  • well, did you ever ask? & would she have been ABLE to help you, or is she also like your dad? i've never asked my parents for help, only because they weren't completely educated in everything i needed help with. usually, i just had to pay attention in class & if i didn't get it, ask the teacher or pay even closer attention to examples.

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