• Remember when you change something about your site, search engines like Google and Yahoo may be showing you cached page versions on your search. I honestly don't work with meta tags at all, but when writing my homepage HTML I find it very helpful to use two browsers (Firefox for viewing work-in-progress, and Internet Explorer to reload the live page). What program are you using to write? Not to ask a stupid question, but are you sure you are changing your meta, and then saving the new file to the appropriate location for the server to find?
  • I agree with sourpatchkid. One thing you can do is find the search result in google or yahoo. Click on the link, then place your mouse over your web page, right click on the mouse and choose view source. Check the code in the source and see if it is actually correct. If it is correct, then, I'd just wait it out. It will only be a matter of time before the search engine updates it. As a precaution, I'd update something on that page just so it's a little different. Maybe this will tell the search engine to reread the page and index it.
  • If you haven't yet included robot crawl instructions in your coding, try that.

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