• I am athiest, but I can only account for myself. It's a tricky one... I believe I have a moral code and thought, and feelings, but I don;t believe in some misty thing somewhere near my stomach that leaves me when I die. I believe it more chemical reactions in the old noggin (brain)
  • An atheist disbelieves in any deities of any form. The word has no reference to the afterlife. It's like asking a kangaroo whether it prefers Degas or Monet, it depends on that kangaroo. I personally disbelieve in deities and the soul. The belief that we are immortal is shear vanity. Everything that has a beginning has an end. My beginning was when the right chemicals came together in the right cells (fertilisation), thus my end will be when the right cemicals come apart and their cells die. Hell, our universe began some 13.8 milliard years ago, thus it will have an end and everything in it! Someone who has the mentality to disbelieve in deities, in my opinion, will probably have the mentality to disbelieve in the soul aswell. Just like a kangaroo would probably choose Monet over Degas because Monet painted more scenery than Degas.
  • If a soul is considered to be a seperate entity than our body, then no I do not believe that I have a soul. I feel those who believe in the idea of a soul do so because they find it hard to comprehend that death is the end.
  • I'm an atheist and I don't believe in souls. I believe that what I have is here and now and when I die, I'm dead. There's no afterlife and hence nowhere for my soul to go.
  • Atheist chiming in, and I can only speak for myself. I don't think we have spiritual souls in the religious sense. I do beleive that the energy and matter that makes up our bodies disapate after we die (matter does not disappear, it is reused universally). Does that matter retain any characteristics of us, I doubt it, but don't know. And no offense taken.
  • No soul... as is generally envisaged...but I believe that when this vehicle of mine finally dies, the energy force which is in every atom of each cell of this vehicle (and there are millions left after the heart and brain stops)has to leave the vehicle (this energy is measurable - physics 101 : energy cannot be destroyed, only diverted)and dissipates into the ether. It is an electric essence of 'me' goes with it. My vehicle returns to dust. The energy which ran the vehicle is...who knows where?
  • Speaking for myself, I do believe in souls in that I believe there is a part of everyone which isn't part of the body - a conciousness and it does seem that that conciousness seems to be connected to a sort of bigger conciousness - which I tend to think of as the entire sum of human experience, which is I think why we feel compassion when we hear about strangers experiencing pain. I suppose I think of our soul as being our personal share in non-physical humanity, and when we die we give it up with all it's experience, back to the whole as our little contribution. Just because I don't believe in God doesn't mean I don't think there's something other than the merely physical.
  • Atheists tend not to "believe" although trusting your doctor may be cathegorized as a belief.
  • I can only really speak for one particular atheist. Me, I believe that I, just like most other people, have all the outward characteristics and side effects that supposedly come from the possession of a "Soul", i.e. Love, compassion, empathy, human emotion in general. I do not, however, believe that those qualities in any person can be embodied in any tangible or even directly perceptible form, I don't believe that I have some "Light", or "Spirit" inside of me that gives me those qualities, I do not believe that the "Soul" is in any way a separate entity from the person. So no, I wouldn't say that I believe in the "Soul" as it's generally thought of, I believe that when you die, your consciousness dies with you, and the only remains of your mind or spirit are the memories and impacts that you've left with others. And that people come upon the qualities generally attributed to a "Soul" naturally, just by being human.
  • If you equate souls with spirits, then I believe in them. I also believe that it is fairly eternal (not endlessly) and will return to a body again and again. I do NOT believe that a 'higher power' controls/watches/guides us.
  • Speaking for myself, no. I don't really know what a soul is. It is something that people supposedly have which is completely undetectable, but "matters". So what is it?
  • First of all, the only thing that atheists have in common is a lack of belief in a god, so asking a large group of people what we believe is going to get you different and conflicting answers. Besides that, no I don't believe in a soul I believe that the human brain uses chemicals and other 'things' that as of yet I do not understand to make us feel emotions.
  • No, souls are supernatural, and atheists do not have beleif in the supernatural.
  • What is a soul?
  • I don't have a soul
  • I'm an athesit and I do believe we have souls. I meditate quite a bit to "get in touch" with my "inner self". My friend said I'm no Athesit if I have a so called "soul". But I disagree. I just don't think anything spiritual happens after death and there's no God/s.
  • Nope. When we die we die. Would be very nice to think that there is some wonderful fairy-tale land we all go to when we die, to exist in perfect bliss and harmony but that's just icing. When you're dead you are dead. Game over. People find that terrifying but why? You were "dead" for billions of years before you were born and it didn't inconvenience you much did it?
  • god loves you all anyway, one day you will find your way to him. THERE IS A GOD, HEAVEN, HELL AND SOULS.It is quite morbid to think that you live then die, how can you live life that way? after god created the world this is how people are paying him back? MY HEART BELONGS TO THE LORD
  • "There's no where for MY soul to go" You said my soul, so you're saying that you have a soul. also, to all you atheist out there.. by denying god, you're also admiting that he exists. Otherwise, you wouldn't have nothing to deny.
  • I don't.
  • They don't think about such things.
  • I am not an atheist, but I think that they believe that when they die, they simply "die" meaning there life is over with and therefore have no soul.
  • Nothing immortal. Just what I have now, when alive. However, reincarnation requires no deity, and it might just happen.
  • Atheism is a broad generalization of all people who do not believe in a deity, and the belief in souls varies from person to person. I personally don't believe in the concept.
  • I don't know what a soul is. I have yet to see a definition of "soul" I can respond yea or nay too. If you mean an inner self that give me feelings of depth and wonder - then certainly. If you mean some immortal part of me that is individual and identifiable as me and that will carry the ME and my memories of everlasting paradise or torment - then nope.
  • This one doesn't. But we could if we want to, atheism's jurisdiction is the gods.
  • I dont. LOL

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