• You're lucky if you get that. Here in the states, it's up to the individual companies. My mom gets almost 6 weeks paid vaca after 21 years of work, where as my step-dad gets none. I think Americans work a little too much!
  • It is a fact that US citizens work more than other countries. It's just how it is here and most Americans don't even know that we work so hard compared to other countries.
  • It annoys me to no end. Especially since the company I work for is based in Germant and between all their holidays, days off and "bridge days" it seems they're never open!
  • I believe so. It inspires conspiratorial thought... Americans are known for their insular education (I've asked many the same age as me to name the capital of Germany, only to come up with a negative), and this would appear to deflect comparison with workers' rights in other countries.
  • It depends on the company you work for, the time you have worked there and if you are full or part-time. I don't get paid for any vacation days but I do get paid for 5 major holidays.
  • To echo the others that have said "it depends" does. There are certain U.S. federal holidays which employers must pay workers time and a half or give them the day off. Other than that, there is no guaranteed vacation time. It usually depends on the size of the company, the number of hours the employee works or a calculation of x amount of time off for y amount of hours worked. Many part-time or casual workers do not earn any paid time off. The amount of paid time off and the number of hours per week we work on average is one of the essential differences between Capitalism and Socialism. You can compare the U.S. to the U.K. and European countries, but you are not comparing apples to apples. I wish we could have more time off but it does not annoy me. I accept it as part and parcel of how our economy works.
  • It's supposedly based on the "American work ethic" which used to mean more when Americans were the leading edge of technology throughout the world. Now, it just means people do as little work as they can get away with and complain constantly about their jobs. Most companies give two weeks the first few years, and then one extra week every few years after that. This is in addition to anywhere from 5 to 12 extra paid days per year in holidays and sick days. Hubby has worked for the same company for 25 years now, and he has six weeks a year off, including all the paid holidays.
  • I'm annoyed with it for a few different reasons. In the end, we are just modern day slaves to the corporations that control our lives. Want money, work all your life for little gratitude.

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