• every day i feel something like "wait havent i done this EXACT same thing before?" but i dont know if its "deja vu" exactly...i dont think its a power or anything because its usually like im reading something and my mom says something and somethings on the tv...but i feel like ive done it before...its really odd more than anything...actually you know what i think im crazy..thats it...
  • I have experienced deja vu' a few times and it's always a really weird feeling. I don't know that I posess any psychic powers, but I do believe in ghosts.I believe there is something out there other than ourselves.
  • i get deja vu ALOT
  • omg! that's exactly how i feel! this happens very often to me, like, one night i will dream of something and see flashes of different things like, a picture of some sort, or a certain movement that i do, then the next day, the EXACT same thing happens!!! it is SO creepy and this one song i hear, ( it's called If God Made You by Five For Fighting ) and i close my eyes, and all i see is this image that i've never seen before in my life of like a single white, old building with a pot of roses infront of it, and it looks so familiar but i have NEVER seen it before in my life?!?! can anyone help?!?!?!
  • No I don’t-maybe in a fanciful sort of way-and certainly not.
  • Deja vu is a tiny, almost infintesimal, lapse between two sensory nerve centers that normally function simutainiously. In other words you're getting the same information twice.

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