• Mentally, yes, fortunately and unfortunately. Physically, only in science fiction.
  • mentally of course physically... I REALLY really wish It was possible!
  • We're all free to explore our memories whenever we want in the privacy of our own minds. Physically however, no. We can't effect the past, all we can do is pour over it and play it back over and over again like a maddening video tape, but at least we can learn from it and improve our future.
  • it is physically possible, there is a man who is developin a machine that can send things back in times, i uses lasers which are projected in a loop. i don't knw how to explain it properly but it is possible, i know that for sure.
    • Venus1485
      You're wrong!
  • mentally you can go back in time. Unfortuanetly at this time we are unable to go back in time physically, i am working on a way to go back but it is extremely complicated and the laws of physics as we know them don's allow for us to travel backwards, let me leave you on a pretty good note, it is a lot easier to go forward in time that backwards and we will prob be able to do that before we are able to go back in time.
  • When you mentally think of something from the past your body can physically feel the same feelings. Our brains dont know the difference. This goes for any experience. If you imagine yourself on the beach, really picture it and let yourself be there, your body will react as if your actually there. So yes to both your questions.
  • That's mentally what we do when we look through our photo albums, or early family films and videos. I can see my Dad as a baby, and watch myself and my sons grow up, all over again. We can also access a lot of historical information online, which is sort of like going back in time, mentally.
  • Yes,it is quite possible to go backward into the past using scalar wave and plasma wave technology.But those who try do so at their own risk.Portals and gateways to other times and dimensions are around us continuosly.It is possible to warp time and space using the previously mentioned technology,but if you succeed,you will never be able to get back to your original time line.It is only for people who don't care about their current life in this time line or someone who wants a once in a lifetime adventure,realizing the risk can mean something extraordinary,like seeing and being in a place that is beyond human comprehension,or death itself.But no return to safety if things don't go well.If someone does succeed,they will never be able to come back to their original time line to tell about it.The truth may never be told.
  • Mentally of course that is what our memories are, Physically no.
  • yes, but we still have not discovered it...I don't think.
  • I wouldn't want to go back in time. There is nothing there for me. People are less evil now than at any other time in history.
  • Physically, no. It could create a "time paradox". Mentally, you can do whatever your imagination allows. +5
  • I would urge you to check out this site, which doesn't allow you to move BACK in time, but shows how humans are capable of at least stopping it.
  • Time travel is merely fantasy. We all have memories of the past.
  • i dont think so
  • Not physically but mentally you can relive memories.
  • Mentally yes. Physically, not on Earth.
  • past life regression therapy with a good guide one can experience past lives.
  • Mentally you can but physically no. But who in their right mind would want to?

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