• My mom has this problem! lol She bought a short little fence to put around the vegetables. This worked for about a week, but then the deer started reaching over the fence or jumping over it. Then we got this motion detector sprinkler. It's in the garden and if a deer (or a person hehe) goes near the vegetables, it will spray them. It's working pretty well. Oh, and you can turn it on and off, so gardening won't get you soaked.
  • There actually is a small animal repellent you can spread around your veggie patch. It works fairly well and is non toxic. It leaves such a bad taste that it deters most animals from grazing near your patch again. It does need to be re applied every so ofter and more so after rains. If you hit a good garden shop you'll find a similar product. I actually bought some on Thursday at Home Depot.
  • You can spray the veggies with a cayenne pepper solution (just mix some ground pepper with water and put it in a spray bottle) and spray it on the plants. This should discourage the deer and other animals from munching them! A few sprays every few days should do the trick.
  • If you lay out newspaper at night, the deer will step on it and be frightened away by the crackling noise.
  • Just pee around the edges of your veggie patch. the scent of human should spook the deer away. (If you're a little worried about dropping trou' in your back yard, just use a 'thundermug' and decant into old soda bottles, and apply liberally. Best thing, it's entirely organic and free.
  • Turn one into venison then you will have your vegetables too.
  • a eletric fence around your veg. that will teach them
  • Deer Fencing, Deer Repellant, Tree Guards, Deer Desistant Plants - and if all else fails and your in Southern England, get in touch with Free deer control service.

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