• Decorate a bedroom with punchy fabrics and expressive patterns. Choose interesting lighting, such as a charming chandelier or sculptural table lamps. For a small bedroom idea that makes a statement, try an unusual headboard: Pick one that is extra tall, brightly upholstered, or curvy.
  • just decorate it any way you want to
  • It depends on your preferences. Some ideas include photo frames, LED string curtains, a pile of stylish pillows, and even chandeliers. Flowers also may be a good addition to your bedroom decor. If you like to DIY, there's an infinite space for decorating your bedroom. This post will give you a better idea of DYI decor, that may work perfectly for your bedroom.
  • However you want it.
  • I think you should take markers and write sayings from Woodstock or Laugh-in all over the walls. Or you could just draw rainbows, unicorns and flowers. Or you could paint it to look like you are outside! Like the atrium at the VA hospital. That would be cool!
  • Some paint and a roller?
  • I like flags so you’ll see flags in my place. Find what you like and get creative with the expression of it.
  • Let your imagination guide you.

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